kawaharataro /// TENDRE


河原 太朗 (かわはら たろう) / Kawahara Taro

1988年生まれ ベーシスト / 歌手 / 音楽家 / プロデューサー
2017年よりソロ・プロジェクト『TENDRE』(テンダー)を始動。同年12月6日にソロでの初EP『Red Focus』をリリースする。

Born in 1988. bassist, singer, musician, producer.
In addition to activities as a bass player, he plays keyboards and saxophone freely and demonstrates his unique presence as a multiplayer at various Places.
Started solo project “TENDRE” from 2017. Scheduled to release the first EP “Red Focus” on solo on December 6.
Rock Band 「ampel」 bass vocal and songwriting composition.


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